Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to common questions below.


What is Good Friends Go?

Good Friends Go is a on-demand transport service that is only available to Arvida Good Friends members. It makes getting around your local Christchurch community easy, convenient and affordable. Passengers can book rides through the Good Friends Go app or by calling 0800 204120, track rides in real-time to the pickup location and payment is through your Arvida Good Friends membership plan.

How much does it cost?

Good Friends Go uses a fixed pricing structure based on your Arvida Good Friends membership plan.

1. Pay per person per ride - register for our Pay as You Go Plan (free with $5 per week Living Well Membership).
- $4.50 per person per ride to or from an Arvida community (including the Living Well Centre)
- $7.00 per person per ride to or from any other address in the service zone

2. Take unlimited rides anywhere in the designated zone - register for the unlimited "Subscription" plan for $20 per week (on top of your $5 per week Living Well Membership). This is a great option if you are riding more than two days a week.

When does it launch?

The Service is available now for members of Arvida Good Friends. Download the App or call 0800 204120 to access Arvida Good Friends Go.

Where can I travel?

Arvida Good Friends Go operates only in Christchurch. Please check the map to see whether you local area is included. We plan to expand the areas we service over time.

Are there limits to where I can travel?

Passengers can travel anywhere within the designated travel zone highlighted in the map. Journeys can start and finish anywhere in the designated zone.

When can I travel?

Between 8:00am-5:00pm Monday to Saturday.

Rides can be booked on the app at any time. Telephone bookings are open 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays).

I live outside the Good Friends Go service area. What can I do?

Arvida Good Friends Go only operates within the area shown. We are continuing to review the areas where we operate, so if there’s a specific area that you want us to service let us know by emailing

How accessible is Good Friends Go?

You can ride with your wheelchair or walker.  We welcome assistance dogs on board at all times. We still charge the same flat fee for fares but we do like to know exactly what you need when you book. All of our drivers are highly trained and are willing to offer extra support at your pickup point or destination. If you have a specific requirement or would like further information, please contact us on 0800 20 41 20.

Can I take any guests?

Yes but extra guests will be charged to your account.

Booking a ride

How do I book?

1. You will need to be a Member of Arvida Good Friends (see plans here)  
2. Download the Good Friends Go app, available from Google Play or the Apple App Store and you will be ready to book on the app or by telephone.
3. Using the app allows you to quickly select a pickup location, book your ride, and track your vehicle to your location.
4. If you need any help getting started or you want to book a ride by telephone - call us on 0800 20 41 20.

Can I request a ride with multiple stops?

Not at the moment. We want to make booking a ride easy. Simple rides for A to B help everyone get to their destination faster.

When can I book?

Book your ride four weeks in advance up to the day of travel. The earlier you make your booking, the more likely there will be a seat. We recommend rides are booked at least one hour in advance.

Can I request a ride with multiple stops?

Not at the moment. We want to make booking a ride easy. Simple rides from A to B help everyone get to their destination faster.

Can I repeat my rides?

Yes. You can book regular journeys in advance. For example, you can make one booking for the same journey to and from the Arvida Good Friends Living Well Centre for aquarobics every week.

What if there is no ride available for when I want to travel?

The Good Friends Go App will suggest earlier and later time options for you to travel. If you’re booking by telephone, we’ll offer alternatives.

How many seats can I book per ride?

You can book up to two seats per trip, subject to availability on board. This means you can travel with a good friend. Please remember that our flat rate fares are per person/seat. So every extra person/seat will incur the same flat ride fee. For example, if you travel by yourself to the Arvida Good Friends Living Well Centre in Addington, you will be charged $4.50. If you bring a friend with you, you will be charged $9.00. This will be charged to your Arvida Good Friends membership account.

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Yes. After you've booked a ride, you will immediately receive a booking confirmation within the app, with an estimated pick up and drop off time. Your final pickup time will be confirmed through the app, and by text message, 30 minutes prior to the ride pickup time. Telephone bookings will also receive a text or email to confirm this same information, whichever you prefer.

Will I get a receipt?

Each of your rides will be detailed on your weekly Arvida Good Friends membership invoice. If you are on the "Unlimited Rides" plan, you only pay the weekly subscription. If you are on the "Pay as you Go" plan, each ride will incur the appropriate flat rate and your rides total will be part of your weekly direct debit.

How can I be sure I'm being picked up by the correct shuttle?

When your booking is confirmed you will see the make and model of your vehicle, and its registration plate number. All shuttles are clearly branded with Arvida Good Friends Go, our drivers wear uniforms with our logo and will know your name.

Can I cancel my ride?

You can cancel your ride through the Good Friends Go app or by calling us. If you cancel more than 35 minutes ahead of your allocated pick up time, you will be refunded in full. If you cancel within 35 minutes of your ride, you will not be refunded.

We ask all passengers no longer intending to travel to cancel their ride as soon as possible, to help other passengers have a quicker ride.

What happens if I don’t show up?

Passengers who do not show up or are late will be charged in full. We offer free cancellations up to 35 minutes before the allocated pick up time because we know things can change. Not showing up for your ride at the time allocated will delay the ride for other passengers and may mean they get to their destination late. Frequent cancellations or not showing up for bookings may result in your account being suspended.

What if my ride is late?

We will make every effort to be at your meeting point on time but occasionally circumstances out of our control may cause a delay. You can use the app to keep updated on the shuttle arrival time.

How do I pay for my ride?

You pay securely by direct debit or credit card as part of your Arvida Good Friends membership. Payment cannot be made on the shuttle or with cash.

What will the vehicle look like?

Rides are a mixture of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses and cars clearly marked with the Good Friends Go branding. Have a look on our home page for an example.

On-board experience

Can children travel on board?

Yes, children can travel on board however children must be booked in advance and accompanied by a member. Our flat ride fares are by person/seat, so children will be charged at the same rate. Additional seats/people that you book will be charged to your membership account.

Can I board with a buggy or walking frame?

Yes. In the interests of comfort for fellow passengers, the driver will store all buggies and walking frames at the rear of the vehicle.

Can I board with a wheelchair?

Yes. Please make the selection in the app or call 0800 20 41 20 to book your ride.

Can I bring big items like bikes, e-scooters and mobility scooters on board?

No. Due to limited space on board we cannot carry bikes, e-scooters or mobility scooters.

How can I provide feedback on my ride?

Passenger feedback helps us improve your service. We ask for feedback at various stages when using the Good Friends Go App. You can also give specific feedback on the “About” page in the app, which sends feedback to us by email. After you complete a trip, you will be prompted through the app to give a ride rating (one to five stars) to help us get an overview of how the ride experience was for you.

What do I do if I have left something on a shuttle?

We encourage you to carefully check you have all your personal belongings upon arrival at your destination. However, if you have left something on board, please get in touch by email on or by phone on 0800 20 41 20. We’ll then try and reunite you with your lost item as fast as we can. We take all possible care, but we can't take responsibility for items you leave in our vehicles.

Your role as a customer

Circumstances can change

Good Friends Go’s goal is to provide everyone with the best and most equal service possible. We understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen which require you to cancel a ride, and we refund passengers who cancel up to thirty-five minutes before the allocated time. However, frequent cancellations or not showing up for bookings may result in your account being suspended, as this may mean other passengers may miss out on the service.

Help make everyone’s ride an enjoyable one

Customers are asked to:
- Have a valid and confirmed booking prior to boarding
- Fasten seatbelts while on board
- Remain seated until the shuttle has stopped moving
- Not consume food or drink while the vehicle is in motion
- Refrain from bringing hot food or drink on board, ensuring that any food that may leave an odour remains covered
- Take any rubbish and your belongings with you

Customers should not:
- Soil or damage the vehicle
- Smoke or drink alcohol on board
- Behave in an offensive manner or use any offensive language towards other passengers or your driver
- Intentionally interfere with the comfort or safety of other passengers

Can I travel with animals?

Yes, within our guidelines. We welcome and encourage assistance dogs on board. Other dogs (or small animals) are also permitted, but only one is allowed on board at a time — at the discretion of our drivers. Animals on board must be well behaved and of no danger or nuisance to other customers or employees. We ask you to comply with any reasonable instruction given by your driver whilst you and your animal are on board.

Drivers reserve the right to refuse animals to board.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Is Good Friends Go operating as usual during the pandemic?

Subject to government guidelines, GoodFriendsGo is running during its usual service hours with the same number of shuttles as normal. As rides are booked in advance, we can easily manage capacity on board.

In all traffic light levels, you will need to scan in with the tracer app and show your vaccination certificate.

All Good Friends Go drivers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19

If you do not have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, you can use taxis and ride-share services for only the following reasons:
- accessing local services and businesses
- going to work or school for those who have to
- low-risk exercise in your local area
- visiting people in your bubble
- travelling to permitted gatherings.

General Guidelines
- Apart from the driver, only travel with people you know, for example friends and family.
- Minimise the number of stops on the way to your destination.
- Drivers of taxis and ride-share services legally must wear a face covering and passengers are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering too. 
- Drivers legally must display QR code posters to help you keep track of where you’ve been.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Good Friends Go is considered to be public transport. Passengers should follow government guidelines in relation to the wearing of face coverings.

What are the Good Friends Go cleaning protocols?

We have strict protocols around our cleaning regimes, with regular cleaning of high touch points such as handrails and seats a priority. We also use regular disinfectant ‘fogging’ of vehicles to ensure nowhere is missed.

I have a disability – is my ride affected?

Our drivers are trained to assist you and you pay the same fare as everyone else. We just ask that if you have a disability and need assistance, please register this in your app preferences and contact us in advance of your trip on 0800 20 41 20.

Can I use the service without a smartphone?

Yes, you can still become a member of Arvida Good Friends, start your Good Friends Go plan and book rides by calling 0800 20 41 20. The Good Friends Go app is only able to be used on a smartphone. If you are unable to download the app from the Apple or Android stores, your phone is unlikely to be a smartphone.

Where are the boundaries of the service area?

You can view our current Service Area on our website.